0x00 Basics

Name: Aaron
Email: ch888[AT]
Phone: secret
Github: Aaron1992

0x01 Skills

I am familiar with ==Python== and ==C==。I can also read some other languages such as javascript and assembly language but I’m not good at them.

I wrote a web app with Flask. But now I’m interested in Meteor and I’m reading its docs recently.

0x02 Education

2010-2014 University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor of Natural Science in Atmospheric Science
2014-Now University of Science and Technology of China, Master of Computer Science.

0x03 Experience

Before entering the department of computer science, I was learning physics in the department of Geophysics. After that, I moved here to learn computer science since I really like this profession.

Much things about computer is learned in the last one year and I picked up Python which I never heard of one year before.

During the holiday I learned the flask Frame and wrote a app demo together with two friends from LUG(USTC linux users group).The app is not online now.See demo here.(Hided for some reason. Contact me to see it)

Have some advise on my profile?
Please contact me to aware me and I’ll be great appreciate about that.